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Librisett Flag
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Librisett is a kingender defined as "A fluid gender experience where you have specific “sets” that your gender (and overall identity) moves through. It can be through a specific number of sets (two, three, four) or through many/an unknown amount (pangender, gendercollector, etc)
For example, one specific set may be agender, a dark aesthetic, a bat kin shift, the name john, and xe/xem pronouns. Anything can cause the shift (or it may not have a cause at all!) so it is not specifically a kin or gender identity necessarily, but it’s easier to define it as a gender experience.
The gender or presentation itself may or may not be known, as it’s usually more important that the set as a whole is considered.
[It's] like having a shelf full of books, and each book represents a set of gender/presentation/pronouns/aesthetic. (Thus the brown/’bookish’ look of the flag.)"1

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History of the term

Librisett was coined on January 11, 2019 by tumblr user wavership. The flag was created at the same time.2


Weortsexual Flag
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Weortsexual (/-romantic/-platonic/-aesthetic/-queerplatonic/-sensual/-alterous) is a mytholosexuality defined as "an orientation where one has a strong and relentless desire to worship their significant other like a god. It is in direct relation to their orientation/sexuality.
Weort comes from the old word Weortscipe, meaning ‘Worthiness, acknowledgment of worth.’"1

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History of the term

Weortsexual was coined on January 11, 2019 by tumblr user nebularomantic. The flag was created at the same time.2
Later that day, after a large amount of pushback, nebularomantic announced a hiatus, deleting the original post and adding:

Before I go
I am going to apologize for helping to coin Weortsexual. I realize now that It is an excuse for an unhealthy relationship.3

This is a very rare example of a MOGAI coiner listening to criticism and taking action to correct an issue.

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