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Caustigender Flag 2
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Color meanings: Likely green because it’s the color of acid

Caustigender Flag 1
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Caustigender is a sciencegender defined as "an acidic gender that gradually dissolves other genders until it is the only gender, or only fully intact gender remaining."1

History of the term

Caustigender was coined on June 20, 2016 by tumblr user mephitic-malebolge via pride-flags-for-us. The first flag was created at the same time.2 The second flag was created by pride-color-schemes on July 31, 2016.3


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No flag exists for this term. First definition coined on Jun 20th, 2016 by nonbinary-paradise on Tumblr. Re-coined on Feb 14th, 2018 by lovely-xeno-flower on Tumblr.

Ferrogender is a sciencegender "that relates to the properties of iron. It is usually a ‘solid’ (non-fluid) gender that begins to “oxidise” (fluctuate) when the person comes into contact with water or very hot weather, as the feelings associated with such conditions affect one’s gender. The “ferro-” suffix can also be used as the following:

  • Ferroboy
  • Ferrogirl
  • Ferroenby
  • Ferrofluid
  • Ferroflux"1

Ferrogender can also be defined as a gender that is highly related to magnetic energy or magnets. This gender may be magentic [sic] to other genders, but not required."2

History of the term

Ferrogender was first coined on on Jun 20th, 2016 by nonbinary-paradise on Tumblr.3 Nearly two years later, on Feb 14th, 2018, tumblr user lovely-xeno-flower re-coined this, seeming unaware of the earlier term and definition. Both are xenogenders. NO flag exists for this term.

MOGAI-Watch Poems

Ferrogender (1)
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My gender’s kinda rusty,
and riddled through with tetanus
and I don’t give a flying fuck
that it sounds bloody cretinous.


Ferrogender (2)
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My gender is magnetic;
it’s cool to be LGBT.
The only downside's that
metal sticks to me.


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