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Chaotiqueer Flag 2
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Chaotiqueer Flag 1
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Chaotiqueer is an aesthetigender defined as "an umbrella term/self-applied label for anyone whose queerness (gender identity/expression and/or orientation/s and possibly the grayness between all of them) is “unleashed.” It’s strange, bold, hard to define, and may be in some way related to any of the following: relationship anarchy and/or cultural gender fluidity and/or pluraffectionality; being unapologetically visible with your gender/orientation despite marginalization; being mercilessly against cis/hetero/amatonormativity in the way you express and care for yourself; many trendercore values including radical acceptance & self-love, pride, nonconformity, etc.; the blurring of the lines between other identities such as ethnicity, neurodivergency, or alterhumanity with one’s queerness; and so on."1

History of the term

Chaotiqueer was coined on September 12, 2019 by tumblr user momma-mogai-sphinx via beyond-mogai-pride-flags2. The flag was created on September 13, 2019 by tumblr user scenecore-and-queer.3
The second flag was created by tumblr user the-child-of-galaxy on January 28, 2020.4

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Miigender Flag 2
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Miigender Flag 1
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Miigender is a fictigender defined as "when ur gender relatez 2 miiz. miigender can bii applied 2 any identity, for example, miigirl, miiboy, or miinonbinary!!!! other thiingz such as miifluid or miiflux or even applying it 2 more specific genderz (like miiagender, miibigender, etc) r totally fine too, just az long az ur gender relatez 2 miiz!!!! [the coiner] created a pronoun set 4 miigender too, that being mii/miir/miirs/miirself (miir iz pronounced liek meer) !!! however anyone can uze the pronoun set and of course miigenderz dont have 2 uze tha pronounz ^_^"1

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History of the term

Miigender was coined on September 12, 2019 by tumblr user miigender. The first flag was created at the same time.2 The second flag was created on the same date via beyond-mogai-pride-flags.3


Weirdgirl Flag
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the pink stands for the more binary weirdgirls, the peach for the less binary ones, and the yellow for the solidarity between weirdgirls and other girls!

Weirdgirl is a fancy way of saying cisgender defined as "when you’re kind of a binary girl, but in a weird way!"1

History of the term

Weirdgirl was coined on September 12, 2019 by tumblr user wallteleporter and a friend via beyond-mogai-pride-flags. The flag was created at the same time.2

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