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Marblegender is an aesthetigender defined as "a type of genderfluid in which all of one’s genders feel like they exist as points on a sphere/globe, and the sphere/globe rolls around randomly, crossing, going in between, and/or stopping at these gender points as it does so." [1]

History of the term

Marblegender was coined on or before February 26, 2017 by an unknown coiner. The first known usage was on this date.2 There is no flag.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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It’s too bad you tripped upon
my gender on the stairs,
it sucks you broke your neck, and all,
but don’t you even care
stepping on my marblegender
has caused me lasting pain?
I don’t know if it will ever
be completely round again.


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MOGAI stands for Marginalized Orientations, Genders, and Identities (or Intersex. Depends on who you ask). It’s a social justice-adjacent movement that claims to be within (and synonymous with) the LGBTQ+ community. In practice, however, it’s full of people who think wanting to fuck anime characters makes you gay and that genders and sexualities are accessories. MOGAI casts itself as a better, more-inclusive acronym for describing the LGBTQ+ community. In reality, since their basic stance is “gender is indefinable, and therefore definable as anything,” it’s a collection of aesthetics, personality traits, and symptoms of mental illness (literally: check out Anorexgender) which have the word -gender (or -sexuality) tacked onto the end.
MOGAI as a movement also denies that pronouns indicate gender, leading to both nounself and emojiself pronouns. Most egregiously, they deny the fact that you need dysphoria to be transgender and they push the idea that gender identity and sexual orientation are choices. This stance, you might have spotted, is so progressive that it horseshoe-effects right on around to being far-right. In other words, MOGAI is a cluster-fuck that feeds upon well-meaning people’s desires to be open-minded, accepting, and validating. It weaponizes those desires, and it uses them as a recruiting tool, something that has allowed it to seep into the mainstream largely unchecked, unchallenged, and therefore unnoticed.

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