Chaotiqueer Flag 2
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Chaotiqueer Flag 1
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Chaotiqueer is an aesthetigender defined as "an umbrella term/self-applied label for anyone whose queerness (gender identity/expression and/or orientation/s and possibly the grayness between all of them) is “unleashed.” It’s strange, bold, hard to define, and may be in some way related to any of the following: relationship anarchy and/or cultural gender fluidity and/or pluraffectionality; being unapologetically visible with your gender/orientation despite marginalization; being mercilessly against cis/hetero/amatonormativity in the way you express and care for yourself; many trendercore values including radical acceptance & self-love, pride, nonconformity, etc.; the blurring of the lines between other identities such as ethnicity, neurodivergency, or alterhumanity with one’s queerness; and so on."1

History of the term

Chaotiqueer was coined on September 12, 2019 by tumblr user momma-mogai-sphinx via beyond-mogai-pride-flags2. The flag was created on September 13, 2019 by tumblr user scenecore-and-queer.3
The second flag was created by tumblr user the-child-of-galaxy on January 28, 2020.4

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