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All the genders in this category are fancy ways of saying you're Genderfluid or Polygender. According to the gender wiki, which is pro-MOGAI, Genderfluidity is defined as

"a gender identity which refers to a gender which varies over time. A gender fluid person may at any time identify as male, female, neutrois, or any other non-binary identity, or some combination of identities. Their gender can also vary at random or vary in response to different circumstances. Gender fluid people may also identify as multigender, non-binary and/or transgender. Genderfluid people may feel more comfortable using gender neutral pronouns and have a androgynous gender expression.

Gender fluid people who feel that the strength of their gender(s) change(s) over time, or that they are sometimes agender, demigender, and a full gender may identify as genderflux."1

According to the gender wiki, Polygender

"is a gender identity which can be literally translated as 'many genders'. Polygender people experience multiple gender identities, either simultaneously or varying between them. These can be male, female and/or any non-binary identities. For other identities for those who experience multiple genders, please see multigender.
Polygender people may also identify as multigender, non-binary and/or transgender. If a polygender person feels that their identity changes over time or depending on circumstance, they may also identify as genderfluid, which describes any person whose gender identity varies over time.

Polygender people can have any gender expression but many prefer to be seen as androgynous and/or change their presentation to be more masculine or feminine depending on their current identity. Polygender people may experience dysphoria all, some or none of the time."2

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List of Terms



Abditivusfluid is defined as "a fluid gender that separates itself from other genders, only taking a few with it to be fluid between.3"


Aberratiobaonic is defined as "a gender that feels like it wanders throughout the identity aimlessly, but will eventually settle down or disappear."4


Abrogender is defined as "a gender that changes so fast that it can not be pinned down and/or having so many tiny aspects that you feel like you are continuously discovering your gender."


Abitumbaonic is defined as "a gender that departs, or disappears from the identity overall suddenly with no return."5


Abrumpogender is defined as "a gender that feels like its intruding or tearing into other genders. feels small, but gradually absorbs all the genders, before “popping” and allowing all the other genders to return to normal."6


Abyssusfluid is defined as "a fluid gender that flows into sight and then quickly out of sight as soon as it is observed.7"


Achernarfluid is defined as "fluid between cocoongenders"8


Acruxfluid is defined as " fluid between ekragenders"9


Adfligogender is defined as "a gender that feels crushed between several other genders, and eventually shatters into new genders"10


Adharafluid is defined as " fluid between entrogenders"11


Adtenuogender is defined as "a gender that starts extremely large, and shrinks quickly, but eventually explodes back to its original size."12


Aduntiflex is defined as "(from the Latin “adunticus,” meaning associate.) — a fluid gender identity in which a person has a fluctuating gender intensity
Example: very femme one day, less femme another, etc.
Can be used with multiple gender identities (femme <-> nb, masc <-> nb, etc.)"13


Ægirfluid (or Aegirfluid) is defined as "fluid between condigenders"14


Alderaminfluid is defined as "fluid between surgenders"15


Algiebafluid is defined as "fluid between ternegenders"16


Algolfluid is defined as "fluid between maverique-type genders (anler, tragmat, etc)"17


Allekeinegender is defined as "the feeling of being all genders, and no genders at the same time, and it is a strand of nonbinary!"18
It was redefined by another tumblr user as "being simultaneously all accessible genders, yet none at all. A subtype of Genderdox."19


Alnilamfluid is defined as "fluid between nyctogenders"20


Alnitakfluid is defined as "fluid between magigenders"21


Altairfluid is defined as "fluid between sequigenders/primusgenders"22


Amaterufluid is defined as "fluid between cassgenders and apogenders"23


Aneuflux is defined as "a gender that fluctuates between not feeling/acknowledging any gender (agender) to a more acknowledged, but unaligned gendered feeling (nonbinary). fluctuation between agender and nonbinary.24"


Anchoraegender is defined as "a gender (fluid identity) that acts like an anchor. when it discovers new identities, it stops in its tracks, collects the genders, and starts once more."25


Anogender (or Anagender) is defined as "“ano/ana” meaning “up, back, again, anew”; a feeling of gender that fades in and out but feels the same whenever it comes back. different from genderfluid in that it’s one gender constantly resurfacing, rather than switching between genders"26


Antaresfluid is defined as " fluid between corugenders"27


Arcturusfluid is defined as "fluid between duragenders"28


Argogender is defined as "a subset of genderfluid wherein the changes between one’s separate genders or the parts of one’s gender happen gradually. “Argogender” can also mean a gender the user defines according to any kind of slowness. Prefix from the Greek word αργóς meaning slow."29


Arkasfluid is defined as "fluid between regisgenders"30


Augender is defined as "“aug” meaning “to increase”; a gender identity that is always growing and possibly combining other genders/gender identities and traits into one gender; similar to plugender but exists in a state of action/growth"31


Axigender is defined as "when a person experiences two genders that sit on opposite ends of an axis, one being agender and the other being any other gender; these genders are experienced one at a time with no overlapping and with very short transition time."32



Barnardfluid is defined as "fluid between puzzlegenders"33


Betelgeusfluid is defined as "fluid between -baonic identities"34


Binaryflux is defined as "when one feels mostly or all binary most of the time but experiences fluctuating intensities of binary identity. This can be fluid with any other identity, for an example in the demigender spectrum and polygenders."35


Blendfluid is defined as "when parts of your gender change from being separate to blending together to form a different gender (and vice versa). Can be two or more genders blending together."36


Blurflux is defined as "when you have multiple genders that blur together to the extent that they are difficult, or impossible, to tell apart, the genders also vary in intensity over time. A combo of blurgender/genderfuzz and genderflux."37


Bodyfluid is defined as "feeling like your relationship to your physical gendered body changes from day to day/moment to moment/etc."38


Bolideifluid is defined as "fluid between alignments"39


Bootesfluid is defined as "fluid between ningenders"40


Burstgender (or Spikegender) is defined as "a mostly undefined gender with intense momentary spikes of a specific gender, such as boy, girl, genderqueer, etc, that last a relatively short time and fade away."41


Buuilin is defined as "a gender that’s like a bubble: fluid, and always on the verge of ‘popping’ (or disappearing), but never does42"


Bxgender (or Gxndxr) is defined as "a set of bigender terms where another identity is mixed with agender.
These agxndxr identities have an X replacing vowel(s), such as in gxrl/gxl/lxdy, bxy/gxy/dxde, nxnbinary/xnby, neutrxis, pxngender, andrxgynx and gxndxrqueer.43"


Bxy (pronounced like boy) is defined as "a gender that is both boy and agender/no gender. You can be a boy and agender/no gender at the same time, go between them, or fluctuate between feeling male and not feeling gender.

  • Emphasizes being male.
  • Spelled bxy with an X instead of an O as if you’re crossing out that you’re a boy.
  • Kinda similar to demiboy (where agender/no gender is the non-boy part), agenderflux (with fluctuations between agender and male), or being genderfluid between agender/no gender and male.
  • Can be used as trans bxy if you chose to, but only if you’re afab (similar to trans masculine being exclusively for afab trans people)."44



Cadogender is defined as "a subcategory of polygender identities (genderfluid, bigender, trigender, etc.) to have a gender to fall back on or one that you always go back to. From Latin “cado” meaning “to fall.” Can be used with other terms like cadoboy, cadogirl, cadonb, cadoandrogyne, etc."45


Caldwellfluid is defined as "fluid between cadensgenders"46


Capellafluid is defined as "fluid between amorgenders"47


Cardgender is defined as "where you switch between two genders and four different pronouns or vise-versa! Much liked the four suits and two colors of playing cards!"48


Cartwheelfluid is defined as "fluid between gendersploof genders"49


Castorfluid is defined as "fluid between caveagenders"50


Cendgender is defined as "from ascend/descend. when your gender changes between one gender and its antigender. the word gender can be replaced be the gender involved, for example cendgirl is when you flip between girl and antigirl"51


Cengender (or Resgender) is defined as "a gender that can be summed up as an unidentifiable thing but manifests as hundreds of different genders or non at all at any given time at the same time and/or separately. Fluid and ever changing."52


Centurifluid is defined as "fluid between flux genders"53


Circinusfluid is defined as "fluid between fingenders"54


Coalafluid is defined as "fluid between terasgenders (named for the darkest known exoplanet)"55


Cogitofluid is defined as "a gender that is fluid only when one thinks about it."56


Collectigender is defined as "When no labels really fit what a person feels so they collect labels that sort of fit and mash them into their own mess of whatever they think their gender is.
Used with two or more other gender labels."57


Colligerean is defined as "someone who’s overall identity has so many components that they continuously collect terms they feel fits them, of which some feel that they will never have enough terms to describe their entire identity. Similar to gender collector, but isn’t limited to just gender. From the Latin word “colligere” meaning “collect.”"58


Conflictgender is defined as "a gender that involves the conflict between two or more genders that you can’t place a name to as the genders fluctuate constantly and you may not always feel a certain gender on some days but it’s definitely there."59


Conplugender is defined as "a gender that encompasses all genders, except cultural identities that the user does not have claim to. like pangender.60"


Copernicusfluid is defined as "fluid between astergenders"61


Crabfluid is defined as "fluid between netgenders"62


Cregender is defined as "very similar to augender (which is defined as “a gender identity that is always growing and possibly combining other genders/gender identities and traits into one gender; similar to plugender but exists in a state of action/growth”)
“cre” from “grow, create."63



Damocloifluid is defined as "fluid between fire/magic identities"64


Dangogender is defined as "a gender that has 3 genders skewered together. The genders don't really mix or anything but they are kept together by one's own comfort with the combination of genders. The genders also do not need to be the only ones around, one with this term can still have as any other genders as they want, but these three genders together stay together."65


Deferrefluid is defined as "a fluid gender that is “brought down” when it is fluid.66"


Delaborgender (or Delaborgenderfluid) is defined as "a gender that flows between a couple of genders, and over time, will extend into other genders discovered and also flow through them"67


Denebfluid is defined as "fluid between quintgenders"68


Diagender is defined as "“dia” meaning “through, across, between”; a gender that works like a diagonal line through many genders on a personal level. diagender has traits of many, but not all; some genders are closer to the line than others"69


Dimidiumfluid is defined as "fluid between plurigenders"70


Dracofluid is defined as "fluid between existigenders"71


Dualgender is defined as "an identity for one who feels their gender identity fluctuates from more than one gender but isn’t quite sure what term fits the best or feel like only they can define it. This works as an umbrella term for gender terms such as Genderfluid, genderflux, bigender, etc etc etc. In some cases it can work as an alternative to identifying with the term “queer” or “genderqueer” if you’re uncomfortable with them or have trauma surrounding such terms72"



Effundogender is defined as "a gender that “pours” into other genders, filling up a lost part of the gender, and solidifies, becoming a permanent part"73


Ellipsoidic is defined as "a term for multiple-gendered people where one has many genders, but one takes the most attention and perception, leaving the others in the dark. The “darkened” genders are still present and percievable [sic], but at times the main gender may feel so bright that it’s hard to feel any other genders. The gender under the “spotlight” may change, but theres always one gender that takes up a serious majority of one’s gender experience…Pronounced Ee-Lip-SOY-dic! Like an ellipsoidal light in theatre :)74"


Equilibriogender is defined as "a gender where you are a balance between 2 or more genders at the same time."75


Ergender is defined as "a little bit boy, a little bit girl, a little bit nonbinary, and the rest of your identity is something else.76"


Erisafluid is defined as "fluid between anonbinary genders"77


Everygender is defined as "a gender that is many genders and it’s easier to lump them all together
A person that identifies or can relate to all genders."78


Expandogender is defined as "a gender that expands in several directions, sucking in all genders surrounding it and becoming one large single gender"79



Faengender (or Faenegender) is defined as "a gender that is feminine, masculine, and androgynous all at once, but mostly androgynous80"
Not to be confused with genderfain.


Fawarisfluid is defined as "fluid between quivergenders"81


Fluktuaz is defined as "an umbrella term that describes a fluid relationship with gender expression and/or attachment/connection to a given set of alignments. Fluktuaz individuals have a static gender identity, meaning that they are always the same gender or genders. Fluktuaz individuals can have a fluid relationship with a variety of concepts in gender, such as but not limited to: masculinity, femininity, androgyny, epicenity, xeninity, genderlessness, abinarity, autonomous gender, genderfuckery, etc. Fluktuaz flox [sic] can have a relationship with one, some, many or all of the concepts previously mentioned without necessarily being that gender. Fluktuaz individual can have varying relationships with genders they do not identify as, but this does not have to be the case.
Fluktuaz individuals can be of any gender or sex assignment. Fluktuaz, itself, is not a gender. Rather, it describes a fluid gender expression and/or connection to a gender; it is completely unrelated to one’s gender itself.82"


Fluxgender is defined as "a fluctuating gender, similar to genderfluid but with no static points; a gender spectrum chosen by the person/being experiencing the gender"83


Fomalhautfluid is defined as " fluid between egogenders"84



Gacruxfluid is defined as "fluid between anogenders"85


Gemigender is defined as "a term use to describe feeling that you identify with multiple genders that are opposite to each other but yet work in flux with each other."86


Genderbox is defined as "A description of multiple genders, where you feel as though one gender is ‘predominant’ over others. The others feel as though they fit neatly into a “box” within or beneath your predominant gender/identity. In describing a genderbox orientation, your predominant gender is separated by a long dash from your other(s) that are in the box."87


Genderblur (or Genderfade) is defined as "where your gender changes constantly but fades away into something else rather than making a hard or abrupt transition. (ex. feeling like a boy, then slowly feeling more stargender than boy, then feeling only stargender, etc.)"88


Gendercluster is defined as " a gender that is a cluster of multiple sub genders which may overlap sometimes."89


Genderflight is defined as "a fleeing, fluid gender that is always changing or escaping, without the ability to entirely remember what the gender was like."90


Genderfuzz is defined as "having multiple genders that are fuzzy and blurred together, making it impossible to identify each one individually or separate one from the rest."91


Gendergender is defined as "feeling a gender but your gender is so unexplainable you can only identify it as gender and nothing else.
Coined anonymously. See also comgender, eugender, genogender, confundogender, genderweird and antiagender."92


Genderhoarder (or Gendercollecter, Hoardgender) is defined as "when your gender is fluid or flux, but you can’t find just a few terms to describe what your fluctuating gender is, so you “hoard” gender terms that fit you. This term is similar to drakefluid but is not exclusive to dragonkin or otherkin."93


Genderhoo (or Hoofluid) is defined as "when your experience with genderfluidity is calm but cloudy, and when only your neutral genders change."94d


Genderkinesis is defined as "the ability to move or manipulate your own gender."95


Genderpile is defined as "when your multigenders and they are in a stack but it’s a messy stack thats more of a pile and not organized at all really… there’s probably some gender you lost down there… oops"96


Genderputty is defined as "a subset of gender fluid where the different genders usually or always move slowly and may seem as if they are not moving at times"97


Genderseparate is defined as "a gender that, over time, will separate and multiply into other genders and may come back together"98


Genderstitch is defined as "a gender that is a bunch of peices (sic) from other genders stitched. Can be used as an umbrella term"99


Gilesefluid is defined as "fluid between avarumgenders"100


Gxrl (pronounced like girl-x) is defined as "A gender that is both girl and agender/no gender. You can be a girl and agender/no gender at the same time, go between them, or fluctuate between feeling female and not feeling gender.

  • Emphasizes being female.
  • Spelled gxrl with an X instead of an I as if you’re crossing out that you’re a girl.
  • Kinda similar to demigirl (where agender/no gender is the non-girl part), agenderflux (with fluctuations between agender and female), or being genderfluid between agender/no gender and female.
  • Can be used as transgxrl if you chose to, but only if you’re amab (similar to trans feminine being exclusively for amab trans people)."101



Hadarfluid is defined as "fluid between necrogenders"102


Harriotfluid is defined as "fluid between estrialgenders"103


Hatysafluid is defined as "fluid between perigenders"104


Heliosphefluid is defined as "fluid between nontrinary genders"105


Helixfluid is defined as "fluid between echogenders"106


Hoagfluid is defined as "fluid between toygenders"107


Hypatiafluid is defined as "fluid between pixiegenders"108


Hypernovafluid is defined as "fluid between multigenders"109



Imperigender is defined as "a gender that you can sort of control- a fluid gender that you can ‘push’ into a certain gender by “wanting” it very much or just thinking about that gender a lot."110


Infingender is defined as "similar identity to pangender…identifying as EVERY gender available to the person.
can be used as infingenderfae, infingenderfaun, infingenderflor, etc"111


Intensiflux is defined as "a very intense and practically instant version of most kinds of genderflux. Instead of some other genderflux examples where the change is gradual, or quick but still noticeable, Intensiflux is where a person will instantly switch between their intensely-feeling gender to absolutely nothing/agender. No transition in between, or at least it happens so fast that you can barely feel that transition."112


Iofluid is defined as "fluid between fluid genders"113



Janssenfluid is defined as "fluid between volumegenders"114


Joviafluid is defined as " fluid between wendecure identities and other related identities"115



Kochabfluid is defined as "fluid between vocigenders"116


Kyklosgender is defined as "an alternate version of nebulagender that also has to be polygender but doesn’t have to be completely made of xenogenders."117



Lovejoyfluid is defined as "fluid between rerumgenders"118


Lyrafluid is defined as "fluid between scorigenders"119



Majritifluid is defined as "fluid between ghostgenders"120


Meteorofluid is defined as "fluid between demigenders"121


Metagender is defined as "to identify around or beyond a gender. Where your gender identity is almost that gender, but not quite, and also extends beyond that. Imagine that —- is you, and | is the gender identity (and identifying fully with a gender is —-|), then metagender is —- | —- "122


Micefluid is defined as "fluid between genderhoarder genders"123


Mimosafluid is defined as "fluid between axigenders"124


Mintakafluid is defined as "fluid between endogenders"125



Nebulaefluid is defined as "fluid between abinary genders"126


Neopangender is defined as "a gender in which an individual fluctuates between or is simultaneously all genders which are suitable for them to use, helping to describe the vastness and range of one’s gender identity without being appropriative or problematic."127


Novafluid is defined as "fluid between bigenders"128



Ogligender is defined as "you identify with 2 or more genders, but a maximum 5. you are a few genders, but not as many as polygender, and not as few as bigender."129


Oortfluid is defined as "fluid between outherine/aporine identities"130


Oppogender or (Contrarigender, Divergender, Discrepantgender) is defined as ""when you feel/are two (or more) contradicting or generally ‘opposite’ genders at the same time, such as being simultaneously completely gender-null and another gender."131


Orionfluid is defined as "fluid between lingenders"132


Oysterfluid is defined as "fluid between mnioct genders"133



Pandorafluid is defined as "fluid between volitogenders"134


Peacockfluid is defined as "fluid between gyragenders"135


Phoenixfluid is defined as "fluid between goddessian/goddian/titanian genders"136


Pixelgender is defined as "Identifying minimally as one gender and mostly as another/others. (pixelboy, pixelgirl, pixelnonbinary)"137


Plasmic (or genderplasmic) is defined as " a gender that has some similarities to (gender)fluidity, or (gender)fluid qualities, but does not change from one gender to another- it’s the same gender, shifting and moving within itself. It isn’t between fluid and solid or a combination either; it’s its own state of gender. “Plasmic” can be used as you would use “fluid”, and it can be denoted as genderplasmic as a counterpart to genderfluid if that format is preferred."138


Plugender is defined as "“plu” meaning “more” (as in ‘plural gender’ or 'plus gender’); may be used to describe those who have multiple genders, or who sees their gender as being one multifaceted thing, possibly comprising multiple genders into one."139


Polarisfluid is defined as "fluid between quadgenders"140


Proteusfluid is defined as "fluid between trigenders"141


Psieni is defined as "a gender that acts like a sponge, ‘soaking’ up other genders. The ‘soaked up’ genders may mix together or remain separate. One (or more) gender(s) may be more prominent, in which case it can be used as Psieni(gender) (e.g. Psienijuxera).
Name from pesusieni, the Finnish word for sponge. Pronounced ‘sigh-en-ee’ (the psi is pronounced like psy in psychology)."142



Recygender is defined as "when you change your gender to past identities, recycling the genders you’ve already identified as."143


Regulusfluid is defined as "fluid between staticgenders"144


Resgender is defined as "a gender that can be summed up as an unidentifiable, nondescript thing but manifests in hundreds of different genders that could be recognized and function as “girl” and /or”boy” but is entirely dependent on the context; based on the latin word “res”)"145


Rosettefluid is defined as "fluid between obligenders"146


Roulette is defined as "Multigender / Genderfluid. You have a core that is static, that may or may not be a defined gender. Around this core are several gender circles that orbit the core. The bigger the circle of genders is, the greater that gender varies, and therefore the harder it is to define."147



Saffarfluid is defined as "fluid between syndegenders"148


Saiphfluid is defined as "fluid between illusogenders"149


Samhfluid is defined as "fluid between deifigenders"150


Scattergender is defined as "gender is kinda all over the place, but who cares?"151


Sezionegender is defined as "a gender that feels heavily divided or sectioned. While it is a single gender, it can be confusing and hard to describe as it’s split into distinct pieces that all fit together to make the whole."152


Siriusfluid is defined as "fluid between mingenders"153


Spicafluid is defined as "fluid between ceterogenders"154


Spotgender (or Spottedgender) is defined as "a type of polygender where there's a main gender, and then "spots" of other genders on top."155


Starbursfluid is defined as "fluid between genderdoux identities"156


Sychnogender is defined as "The gender of someone who is sychnogender might change many times throughout the course of a day. Prefix from the Greek συχνός meaning frequent"157



Tadmorfluid is defined as "fluid between altegenders"158


Tadpolefluid is defined as "fluid between fluctuatiogenders"159


Taphaofluid is defined as "fluid between deliciagenders"160


Tinegender is defined as "a gender identity where you believe your gender is fluid, but the change is so small/minute, that your overall identity does not change. Part of the genderfluid community."161


Tragender is defined as "a gender that stretches over the whole spectrum/orb-y thing of gender"162


Triangulumfluid is defined as "fluid between fluix identities"163


Tritonfluid is defined as "fluid between xingenders"164



Umbrielfluid is defined as "fluid between hemigenders"165


Ursafluid is defined as "fluid between lilapsogenders"166



Velafluid is defined as "fluid between feugender and glarogender"167


Versuogender is defined as "a gender is currently made up of two or more genders which have blended together at the edges but are still distinguishable enough from each other that one can tell there’s more than one."168


Vestigender is defined as "a gender that blankets another, stronger, gender. It’s the only visible gender, but underneath there is much more of the blanketed gender than there is of the blanket gender."169


Virgofluid is defined as "fluid between quartogenders"170


Voidfluid is defined as "fluid between polygenders"171



Weightfluid is defined as "identity changing depending on your weight… [for example,] feel[ing] like an omnisexual bi-gender masculine lesbian when over 345, but [feeling] feminine when under."172

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