History Of MOGAI

Origin of Term

Since 2014, MOGAI has gone from the fringiest of fringe movements to a true force shaping the thoughts, identities, beliefs, and politics of young people, LGBT or otherwise—even those who haven’t ever heard the term. You can see echoes of it everywhere. It can be seen in pushes to de-medicalize transness, putting thousands of trans people’s insurance-covered transitions in jeopardy. It can be seen in claims that there are infinite genders, and that it’s transphobic to choose sex partners based on their genitalia rather than their gender identity. You can see it in the upsurge of people who believe that you don’t need gender dysphoria to be trans, and that sexual orientation and gender identity are both choices. You can see it in the push for the normalization of pedophilia as a marginalized orientation, although most MOGAI supporters are (rightly) very much against this.
The history of the term "MOGAI" is pretty tangled; it’s usually cited as emerging online (possibly on Tumblr) as a more streamlined and less offensive (“queer” being a controversial umbrella term due to its history of being a slur) alternative to LGBTQUIAP++ or GSM (Gender/Sexual Minority)1 in late 2013 or early 2014. It’s pretty poorly-documented early-on, and seems to have been used by a very small number of people until around the early summer of 2014, when it really exploded, most likely because of Pride Month. Since then, it’s been growing in popularity, often peaking dramatically around Pride, when it becomes a hotter topic than usual in the wider LGBT community.

MOGAI Search Trends From December 2013-February 2020

Who Coined MOGAI?

Anti-MOGAI Origin Story

In anti-MOGAI circles, there is a common myth that “MOGAI” was coined by a pedophile looking to legitimize their predatory attraction to minors as kind of an updated version of the notorious North American Man-Boy Love movement of the 1980s and 90s. Upon further investigation, this doesn’t seem to be the case. However, Swedish psychiatrist Lars Ullerstam (author of the book The Erotic Minorities2, and the coiner of acronyms GSM [Gender/Sexual Minorities] in the 1960s3) believed that pedophilia, necrophilia, and incest were "normal phenomena that should be accepted and that the sexual minorities should be able, as far as possible, to have an outlet for their desires, [4][5][6]." This being the case, it's possible that the misconception about MOGAI's origins arose from someone getting their acronym wires crossed.

Pro-MOGAI Origin Story

In MOGAI circles, credit for coming up with their acronym is usually given to tumblr user cisphobeofficial (aka sunsetfucker, aka enbyprincev2-blog)789, a then-14-year-old10 survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This person was also an internet acquaintance of the infamous daemutt/hyenahart/faerieli, and (at least at that time) a transmisandrist.[11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19] However, this is also somewhat inaccurate.
Firstly, the post where this person actually coined the the term MOGAI is unfindable.20 There is, however, documentation of a couple December 2013—February 2014 conversations in which the (likely) direct predecessors of MOGAI were coined[21][22]. While cisphobeofficial/sunsetfucker/enbyprincev2-blog was definitely involved in that 2014 conversation23, it's by no means clear that they actually coined MOGAI (although they absolutely did coin MORSGAI, a near-synonym, under their enbypincev2-blog username24). Additionally, the term MOGAI actually seems to predate these conversations by several years. A search of Tumblr’s now-ancient history turns up evidence that people were using the term as a synonym for LGBTQ (et cetera et cetera) as early as April 6, 201125. Whether this is a case of independent coining or evidence of slow and steady adoption of the term, though, is hard to say.

The True Origin Of MOGAI

The truth is, nobody actually knows with 100% certainty who coined the term and what their motivations for coining it were. It's the opinion of this author that cisphobeofficial/sunsetfucker/enbyprincev2-blog is the coiner, or at least directly influenced the coining of the term with their MORSGAI acronym.
However the acronym first came to be, though, it was firmly ensconced in the Tumblr lexicon by mid-2014, in large part thanks to blogs like MOGAI-Archive and Pride-Flags-For-Us.

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a graphic made by tumblr user Frostfangs for their
March, 2014 post promoting the term MOGAI.
It is incorrect in what it says the acronym stands

Additionally, a marginally viral post by tumblr user Frostfangs27 and tumblr user bi-privelege's post inspiring it (posted March 18, 2014)28 are early evidence of the term beginning to spread and catch on. The post that inspired bi-privilege's post was a March 16, 2014 message from enbyprincev2-blog, which stated "i thought now would be a good time to hop in and tell you that a better umbrella term is MOGAI. it stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignment and Intersex, and as far as i know it has no problematic history behind it!29"
This constitutes the earliest mention of the term MOGAI that I have been able to find, and is further evidence that they are indeed the actual coiner of MOGAI.

Pre-MOGAI Terms in Chronological Order

This is a list of all the terms that seem to have immediately pre-dated "MOGAI." Frustratingly, the actual coining post for MOGAI cannot be found, but it's very likely that it occurred somewhere in the discussion chain that gave rise to all the terms coined in 2013-2014.



(Gender/Sexual Minorities)
Coined by Swedish psychiatrist Lars Ullerstam in (or in conjunction with) his 1964 book The Erotic Minorities30. These acronyms explicitly include pedophiles, necrophiles, and people in incestuous relationships. Ullerstam believed that pedophilia, necrophilia, and incest were "normal phenomena that should be accepted and that the sexual minorities should be able, as far as possible, to have an outlet for their desires, [31][32][33]."

November 2013


(Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities)
Coined on or around November 15, 2013 by tumblr user cishits as an updated version of Lars Ullerstam's GSM, not because of the creepiness of Ullerstam but because, in cishit's words:
* "Not a super long acronym.
* No room for cishets.
* No “A for ALLIES!”
* Includes all minority gender identities, such as trans*, bigender, genderfluid.
* Includes all minority sexualities, such as bisexuality, asexuality, pansexuality.
* Includes all romantic minorities, such as panromantic, aromantic, homoromantic.[34]"
This term is still fairly widely used compared to others on this list.


(Marginalized Gender Sexual Romantic Identities)
Coined on November 16, 2013 by tumblr user halftruthsandhyperbole (aka warpfactornope) "because of the issues regarding gsrm as illustrated with this post…this preserves the wider sense of inclusivity denied by lgbta while avoiding the problematic language of “minority” – while also keeping away from “queer” which is still a controversial topic within the community for a variety of reasons.35"
By March 14, 2014, the MGSRI coiner walked balk their support of their coined term and community umbrella terms in general, stating:
"that term was never meant to be used as a replacement for an umbrella term, and i probably will not be using gsm, mgsri, and so on and so forth because, for me personally, finding the right umbrella term is a) impossible and b) not really worth the time and c) causing more harm than good and d) specificity tends to be more desirable and avoids waffling.36"

December 2013


(Marginalized Genders/Sexualities)
Coined on December 13, 2013 by tumblr user okaysional as "an alternative to GSM [gender/sexuality minority] because of it’s problematic nature and the connotations of the word ‘minority’. LGBATQUI+ is trying to be all encompassing whilst getting longer every time people realise it’s missing some"37


(Marginalized Genders/Romantic [orientations]/Sexualities)
Coined on December 13, 2013 by tumblr user sproutchilde to include romantic orientations in the MGS acronym.38


(Marginalized Orientation and Gender Alignment/Marginalized Gender Alignments and Orientations)
Coined by tumblr user sxizzor on December 13, 2013 as an updated version of MGS to avoid it getting confused with Metal Gear Solid39


(Marginalized Gender Alignments, Romantic [orientations]/Sexualities)
Coined by tumblr user sxizzor on December 13, 2013 as an updated version of MOGA to avoid it getting confused with any of these terms40


(Marginalized Romantic [orientations], Sexualities and Gender Alignments)
Coined by tumblr user sxizzor on December 13, 2013 as an updated version of MOGA to avoid it getting confused with any of these terms41


Coined on December 14, 2013 by tumblr user diomacklemore.42

January 2014


(Marginalized Genders/Sexualities/Romantic [orientations])
Coined on January 3, 2014 by tumblr user adhdstevonnie-blog to include romantic orientations in the MGS acronym.43

February 2014


(Marginalized Orientation, Romantic, and Gender Alignment)
Coined on February 21, 2014 by tumblr user mr-moon-the-cisphobic-panda to include romantic orientations in the "MOGA" acronym.44


(Sexualities, Marginalized Orientations, Romantic [orientations], and Gender Alignments)
Coined before February 21, 2014 by tumblr user mr-moon-the-cisphobic-panda45


(Marginalized Orientations, Romantic [orientations], Gender Alignments, and Sexualities)
Coined before February 21, 2014 by tumblr user mr-moon-the-cisphobic-panda46


(Marginalized Orientations, Romantic [orientations], Sexualities, and Gender Identities)
Coined before February 21, 2014 by tumblr user mr-moon-the-cisphobic-panda47


(Marginalized Orientations, Romantic [orientations], Sexualities, Genders, And Identities)
Coined on February 21, 2014 by tumblr user enbyprincev2-blog48

Later Terms Coined As Alternatives To MOGAI



(Marginalized Orientation, Gender Identity, Intersex)
Coined on or before April 26, 2014 by tumblr user queermisandrist (aka autisticcat) because they believed "the A [in MOGAI] is completely unnecessary and allies can steal it and the extra I specifies gender identity so cishet women cant sneak in on “marginalized gender”"49



(Intersex, Marginalized Orientation or Gender Alignment)
Coined on or before June 12, 2019 by tumblr user IMOGA-pride because they think " IMOGA is better organized with the comma. Intersex-ness is marginalized itself. IMOGA has no “or” duplication[…]While tumblr discourse poisoned the conception of MOGAI as an acronym used for neolabels/microlabels instead, IMOGA is there as an alternative acronym with the same meaning and #mogaireal as an alternative tag too.50"

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Discussion with the person usually cited as coining "MOGAI" showing the term coining was a group effort
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