Lesboi Flag
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pink - femmes, being a lesbian
blue - being transmasculine
orange - butches, being a lesbian
white - being a nonbinary or gnc lesbian

Lesboi (or Saphboi) is an orientationgender defined as "a gender EXCLUSIVELY FOR LESBIANS where you are transmasculine but do not identify as a man in any way shape or form. “boi” refers to the lesbian term “boi” which is defined as a boyish lesbian and describes a boyish gender expression or identity that is still female or still lesbian in nature. not to be confused with a transMALE, transBOY or transMAN, a trxns-boi is a cis or nonbinary lesbian who is physically transitioning to fit their gender expression and has nothing to do with transitioning to MALE.1"

Table of Contents

History of the term

Lesboi was coined on or before January 13, 20202 by tumblr user mogaianarchy. The flag was created at the same time.3

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