"Mod Sunny" And "Mod Lex"

All accusations against Mod Sunny and Mod Lex have not been tried or proven in a court of law (as far as this wiki is aware). They should be presumed innocent until proven guilty

"Mod Sunny"

"Mod Sunny" (AKA: jewishkuvira, autisticgaybolin, lesbianwrites, 031exuberantwitness, bipolaraang, yuetara, thankyoureally, lesbiandonkey, lesbiandoe, autisticamydyer, lesbiangamora, no-bucks-for-this-doe, heterophobicdonkey, heterophobicgoat, elodiefay, vachinas, ohonhonhonhon1 is a former mod of pride-flags-for-us. They were responsible for the coining of a large number of terms on mogai-archive and pride-flags-for-us, many music-related. Sunny was also responsible for the current aromantic flag and all a-spec variations2 because they claimed yellow caused them to have a sensory overload.3 The lack of colors on the aroromantic flag other than black/white/green has lead to flag makers using green to represent romantic attraction.

They also created the bigender flag.4

A supposed ex-partner of Sunny's named "Charlie" wrote a lengthy and (apparently) well-documented call out letter accusing them of "rape, sexual abuse, pedophilia, transphobia, suicide, incest, and general emotional abuse and manipulation."5

Full Text of Callout letter6

Full Text of "Sunny's" Response7

"Mod Lex"

"Mod Lex" (AKA: princessprincey, cisphobicshibe, protarchaeopteryx[possibly]8, hyaenahart,daemutt, faerieli, schizosovereign, crypticprinxe, prinxe-null, meganinfia [definitely]9|10) is a former mod of pride-flags-for-us.
Under the faerieli username, "Mod Lex" was responsible for getting the ball rolling on neopronouns.11|12|13

This was not known to the other mods at ppfu; according to the current admin of that blog (who is none of these people), Lex was a seeming nonentity–the most interesting thing he ever did was, apparently, to fake his own death.
This “death” is mentioned in the call-out letter Mod Sunny’s ex supposedly wrote:

“The main person who called them [Sunny] out for transmisogyny (they’re mentioned in the above post) was a mentally ill and disabled black trans person named Lex. They have sadly passed on now, but at the time they called Sunny out similar to how I have, pointing out their repeated transmisogyny and transphobia. Sunny responded by making an “anonymous” callout blog where they claimed Lex had abused them. They literally pretended not to be themself while defending themself [emphasis added] (their old URL is elodiefay). Admittedly, I helped participate in this blog and I regret it now [emphasis added], but keep in mind that I was a 14 year old when this was going on, and they were 17-18 and insisted that I was a bad person who was betraying my friend and partner if I didn’t support them.
Archived version of the callout blog: https://archive.is/Q333R [DEAD LINK…which says “Qeeer.” So clearly intentional.]
Proof of Lex’s death and involvement in the situation:


Web of Manipulation

So the ex made a mistake, right? Lex luckily didn’t pass away, and was also another abuse victim of Sunny’s? Well, yes, Lex was alive and well…and also possibly the ex writing the call-out letter.
Sunny’s response letter (archived by the ex/Lex, ironically), makes this obvious. In it, Sunny shares two posts from their ex’s blogs about them (elodiefay being one of Sunny’s many urls).


Again, Charlie was being called out with me and he remade too because we had dug ourselves too deep. His url was princessprincey, cisphobicshibe, and protarchaeopteryx during that I believe.
-"Sunny" in their response to their supposed ex's call-out letter.14

This seems to suggest that Lex, who has been documented as the owner of the url hyenaheart as far back as March 25, 2014, nearly two years before the call-out post was written, is actually Sunny’s ex, “Charlie.”

Additionally, this seems to indicate that Lex and Sunny are the same person. Sunny says themself that one of Lex’s URLs is protarchaeopteryx. They said this directly after posting an image from protarchaeopteryx pretending not to be hyenaheart. Hyenaheart was a long-standing url of Lex’s, and “Sunny” would have known that.

Two separate writing similarity AIs seem to confirm this. When the full text of both the call-out letter and response were fed into the AIs, the writing was found to be written by the same person with 92% and 96% certainty, respectively.

Image Unavailable

Image Unavailable

So Lex, Sunny, and Charlie are most likely the same person. That level of manipulation, malevolence and dedication to fabricating a huge interpersonal drama with multiple moving parts is deeply unsettling. The level of evil inflicted on others by that person is also pretty unthinkable.

The Lex Persona is No Angel

Whether or not they're a persona of the same person who controls "Sunny's" urls, Lex has a slew of call-out posts and receipts15 accusing them of rape16, rape fantasies about a transmed ex–a rape surviver–in order to retraumatize him17, doxxing18, manipulation19, violent threats20, animal abuse21, and blackmail22 stretching back years. Some of these posts, by their former live-in partner, are also directed at Lex’s supposed headmates, who supposedly participated in the abuse. This post has two different people/blogs being called out, both with extremely similar names–Rocco and Rocaio–, one for stalking, one for rape and stalking.
This post also says this: “[Rocaio] threatened me with legal action, just like the abuser purplekecleon, for talking about the abuse they put me through. i was honestly afraid ae would doxx me”23
Guess who is an alleged former partner of purplekecleon?
That’s right.
It’s Lex (as daemutt).
The allegation comes from a fairly unpopular site24, but again, the fact that these two are mentioned in the same sentence not once but twice on the whole wide internet begs the question "what’s up with that?"

As an interesting sidenote. Lex was an online acquaintance of the (transmisandristic)[25][26] person who claims to have coined MOGAI, cisphobeofficial/enbyprincev-blog/sunsetfucker[27][28][29][30][31][32][33], showing just how small a circle the early MOGAI community was.

Possible Inspiration for the Lex/Sunny/Charlie Fabrication

Whoever is behind these personas has a lot to answer for (doxing, pedophilia, etc). They are undeniably abusive, although it is hard to be sure how many people calling them out are further sockpuppets of theirs.

Unfortunately, although the abuse detailed so exhaustively and fictitiously in the letters between the Sunny-persona and the Charlie/Lex-persona didn't happen, it seems likely that the person behind the sockpuppets based it on a real-life, years-longs, and inappropriate relationship they had with a minor while using the url lesbiandoe.

This post, on the same unpopular site mentioned above, focuses on a 15/16 year old who was in a “quasiplatonic relationship” with lesbiandoe, in late 2014.

A lot of the details matched up with details in “Charlie’s” call-out letter:

  • young teen
  • dating one of “Sunny’s” urls since the age of 13
  • in a “quasiplatonic” way

One explanation for this would be that the "Sunny=Lex=Charlie" theory is incorrect, despite the strong evidence to the contrary. However, if we take that letter as fact (which at this point…we can’t. It was definitely written by Lex, and contains at least one instance of serious manipulation and identity obfuscation already), it can’t be the same person writing it. The teen the thread was about had just turned 16 (according to them) when the thread was posted in December 2014, and they had been dating lesbiandoe34 for over two years35.

Also, based on pictures posted elsewhere in the thread, they are white. Lex, according to someone who had seen their selfies (though who knows if those selfies are real) is POC.36 [[/footnote]]

The call-out letter was published a year later, when they would have just turned 17 and been dating lesbiandoe for three years. In the call-out letter, the writer says they had been dating “sunny” for four years, and that they were applying for college at some point during the end of their relationship. I suppose they could have skipped a grade, but the number of years dated still doesn’t add up.

So either:

  1. Sunny and Lex aren’t the same person, and Lex is actually this kid, who has a lot of inconsistencies with Lex’s usual pattern and is a totally different ethnicity (Unlikely)
  2. This "quasiplatonic” situation between Lex and a 13-16 year old really happened and was the inspiration for Sunny/Lex/Charlie’s weird self-arguing sockpuppet fight, which is pretty horrible. It requires Lex/Charlie/Sunny being so aware of how wrong a situation they made possible was that they could convincingly write from the POV of a persona they based on their victim while using what they inflicted on said victim as reference. (Likely. There are too many similarities.).

In Summary

“Mod Sunny” and “Mod Lex” of pride-flags-for-us are almost definitely the same person. They are also the same person as “charlie,” the ex of Sunny’s who supposedly wrote the accusation/callout post directed at Sunny. They also faked their own death and pretended to be surprised to find out about their “death” via the “Charlie” sockpuppet account.

Whoever this person actually is still has a lot to answer for. They are undeniably abusive, although its hard to be sure how many people calling them out are further sockpuppets of theirs at this point.
Sunny/Lex/Charlie, whoever they are, are also a definite predator. Even though the callout letter drama was between two sockpuppets of theirs, they probably based on a relationship they definitely had with a 13-16 year old child using the lesbiandoe url..

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