Moviegender Flag
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Moviegender is a fictigender that was coined twice.
2018 Coining: "a gender only felt when watching movies, or in some way connected to movies. The label can be altered to be a specific movie."1
2019 Coining: "(can also be called filmgender and things alike):
1. A gender that is influenced by or connected to a certain movie, movie franchise, or is connected or influenced by the experience of seeing a movie.
2. A gender that feels similar to a movie- your gender may feel reminiscent of a plot structure, such as it having a climax, when it feels most intense, or other similar things.
This label can be a gender in itself or can be used to describe how you experience a gender. This may also feel connected to specific movie genres!"2

Pronouns (2019 Coining)

Pronouns that may be associated(though you don’t have to use any of these to be this gender:
Ac/act/acts/actself(based off of the words “actor” and “actress”)
Pro/protag/protags/protagself(based off the word “protagonist”)
An/antag/antags/antagself(based off the word “antagonist”

History of the term

Moviegender was first coined on August 7, 2019 by anonymous tumblr user via tumblr user just-a-mogai-blog (aka gayglitch). The flag was created at the same time.3 The term was re-coined on October 12, 2019 by tumblr user paws-pride-storage. There is no flag.[footnote]] Moviegender 2019 Definition [[/footnote]]

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