Paramegender Flag
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Paramegender is a neurogender defined as "a gender that is affected by one’s daydreams and the events that occur in one’s paracosms. more specifically by the way your parame(s)/paraself(paraselves) manifest. to be used by maladaptive daydreamers."1
"Paramegender is specifically about your PARAMES and PARASELVES. Your gender feels differently because of how you perceive yourself in your paracosms, and whose eyes you’re looking through.
It could be something like being a demiboy and feeling your masculine part of your gender because your paraself or parames are more often male or masculine in some way (like my situation), or it could be something like feeling different genders based on which parames you’re daydreaming more about, or even feeling a gender specifically ONLY when you’re having a daydream in the eyes of someone of that gender, or even feeling all of the genders of your parames collectively, or having them run through a cycle.
If you want to make it more specific, you may also do that! If you prefer parameboy, paramegirl, paramenonbinary, parameagender, or something of that nature, then go ahead and use that."2

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History of the term

Paramegender was coined on May 13, 2019 by tumblr user darkcommonground via tumblr user nebularomantic. The flag was created at the same time by nebularomantic.3

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