Planaplocgender (or planaplogender) is a xenogender defined as "an infinite group of growing genders occupying a flat planet, so expensive they vandalize it and devastate its nature to the point of overflowing and transcend the limits of this planet, forming an apocalyptical gender or another concept of demage/destructive event on a catastrophic scale, notorious from an astronomical perspective. This could be everlasting or compared to zerogenders creating gender seeds after being nullified. Plan- from planeta plano, flat planet in Portuguese and -aploc- from apocalypse (also because it sounds ploc ploc).
This can relate to estrialgender, aliegender, worldgender, genderflow, ekragender, nitrogender, abimegender, atmosgender, 666gender, stratogender, spacekin, astralgender, stargender, zilliogender, biogenders, hadogender, mazeplexgender and other xenogenders.
Note: This potential planet is abstract and figurative, it doesn’t mean planaplocgender people are flat-earthers, [they] know Earth is geoidal [sic].1"

History of the term

Planaplocgender was coined on August 18, 2018 by tumblr user arco-pluris. There is no flag.2

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