Pondusgender Flag
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Pondusgender is a Personalitygender/Esmogender defined as "a fluid gender that absorbs genders (and aesthetics) around it to make something new; that something is profound, deep, and infinite, yet never complete/void of something else. Someone who is pondusgender rejects alignment and tends to present in a manner that “clashes” with gender norms or others’ expectations.
From the Greek “Pondus” meaning 1. Force 2. Gravity 3. Importance 4. Mass 5. Value or Values 6. Absorb"1

History of the term

Pondusgender was coined on February 13, 20182 by hour-of-houndour.3 The flag was createdat the same time.
Shape inspired by the Abimegender Flag.
Colors inspired by the Singularian Flag + the Blue from the Gendervoid Flag.
Center is a variation of the Skull from the Genderf*ck Flag.
Stars inspired by the Starfluid and Stellarian Flag.
Warping inspired by images of spacetime warping around a black hole and the fluid nature of this gender.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender is profound and infinite
and won’t floss after meals,
it rejects both toothpaste and
Western gender ideals.

My gender feeds on others
by carnivorous osmosis;
it clashes with expectations
and suffers halitosis.


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