Saturnian Flag
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Coined in Fall 2016 by Juparian on Tumblr. Flag by Juparian.

Saturnian is a xenogender and part of the Celestial Gender System. It is defined as a "gender that is linked to both softer celestial masculine and feminine energy. Like the others it is not masculine/feminine aligned, simply linked. And the amount of energy one feels can vary and change."1.

History of the term

Saturnian was coined was coined in Fall 2016 alongside most of the other terms in the Celestial Gender System by tumblr user Juparian.23

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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My gender’s named after the guy
who ate up all his kiddos,
then got cut up with his own scythe
and left his wife a widow.
This cis Titan was spoken of
by both Plato and Aristotle–
he was violent, cruel, and evil,
and not a good role model.


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