Sexofluid Flag
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red and blue to represent attraction which may feel magnetic, purple pink to represent sexual attraction, pastel blue and yellow represents the reflective nature of one's gender.

Sexofluid is a Relationship-Based Gender "describes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re sexually attracted to at the moment."1

History of the term

Sexofluid was coined on or before March 2, 2018 by unknown. Dustb-in on deviantart designed the flag at that time.2

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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I’m proudly sexofluid,
no, please don’t be dumb,
of course I don’t mean my gender
is being soaked with cum.

That’s a totally different gender,
it makes my term look tame;
look it up if you’re interested:
bukkakegender is its name.


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