Sodagender Flag
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Sodagender is a gastrogender defined as "a gender that feels fizzy, happy, bubbly, energetic, ect kinda like soda pop. It can also go with terms like sodaboy, sodagirl, sodanonbinary, ect."1

History of the term

Sodagender was coined on July 11,2017 by an anonymous asker on Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags which turned out to be Mod Kyle on Uncommongenders. [2] [3] The flag was created at the same time by Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags.

MOGAI-Watch Poem

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You can make great cocktails
with my sodagender:
add to it booze, mint, and ice,
and throw it in the blender.

Once the ice is nicely crushed,
pour it in your cup–
but don’t drink all my gender,
or else you might throw up.


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