Space Alien

Space Alien is a xenogender defined as
1) A gender that’s so out there and different that all other genders feel a bit foreign to the person OR their own gender feels foreign to them somehow.
2) A gender that you didn’t feel before but it just kinda appeared and took over.1

History of the term

Space Alien has no known flag. The first findable instance of it appearing in a list of terms is on March 2, 2017, although it likely predates this by quite a bit.2
The coiner is unknown.

MOGAI-Watch Poem3

Space Alien
Image Unavailable
Aliens control the government,
the Crown, and all the corgis–
they’re behind the Deep State
and those creepy pizza orgies.
Ever since they came here,
I’ve been spreading the news:
they control the whole world,
and my gender, too!
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